Tax Refund Procedure

Please note that 1.1% from the tax refundable items will be deduted as handling fee. Thank you for your understanding.

Person eligible for tax exemption

Non-residents who made purchases eligible products at the Morning Market Square, hakodate.(agents not permissible)

Application period

Day of purchase only

Required items

(1)Your own passport(necessary immigration stamp・copy unacceptable)

(2)Sales record slip, invoice, detailed statement (receipt not)

(3)Purchase goods

Method of refund

Cash refund (in Japanese Yen)

Place fot tax refund procedure

Comprehensive information counter (in the Morning Market Square)

TAX REFUND Regulations

Products eligible for tax refund are limited to those products purched for personal use only (products for commercial use are excluded)

Consumables (Crab, seafood, fish roe, scallop, kelp and food, etc.)

Required daily purchase of between 5,000 yen and 500,000 yen. (excluding tax)

●Consumables will be packed and sealed in a specified, transparent bag, and you are not allowed to open it until you have left Japan.

●You are not allowed to consume (use) the products, and need to take them out of Japan within 30 days of purchase.

●You will be required pay taxes at customs if you open the bag and consume (use) the item(s) while in Japan.

General items (Clothing and miscellaneous goods, etc.)

Required daily purchase of 5,000 yen (excluding tax) or more.

●We will make a photocopy of your passport if you purchase more than 1,000,000 yen of general items in a single day. This information will be disclosed only if requested by the government.

※ can be combined in multiple stores in consumables, as well as general goods both.
※However, it is not possible to sum the consumables and general goods.
※Please check on your own merchandise imports in each country is prohibited. (Products page also please refer)